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Areas of Practice

Criminal Law

If you have been arrested and/or charged with a criminal or traffic offence, you don’t have to face it alone. The outcome of Court cases may be life changing; so give yourself the best possible chance with one of our criminal defence solicitors. We understand that allegations of a criminal nature are not just won by the brilliance of lawyers at court, but also by the strategies adopted and advice given at a very early stage of police investigations.

At Olives Solicitors we will advise you of the law and your rights at the police station, get you ready for any potential Court appearances and explain the Court procedure, so that you understand the process every step of the way. In Court we’ll defend your case strongly and clearly, so as to give you the best possible outcome. As an experienced firm, we regularly appear in Magistrates and Crown Courts and can represent you in any other forum where the law is an issue.

We can handle all areas of criminal law, including:

  • Traffic and vehicle offences – including drink driving, driving without a licence and driving offences.
  • Dangerous or negligent acts endangering persons – driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances, dangerous or negligent driving.
  • Acts intended to cause injury – including all levels of assault, stalking and threatening behaviour.
  • Justice procedure offences – breaches of bonds or orders, resisting or hindering the police, breach of suspended sentences or community service orders.
  • Theft offences– including theft from residential and retail premises, receiving or handling the proceeds of crime and theft of intellectual property.
  • Illicit drug offences – possession, cultivation or dealing in illicit drugs.
  • Public order offences – disorderly conduct, criminal intent, riot and affray, liquor and tobacco offences, offensive language or behaviour and cruelty to animals.
  • Fraud & Financial Crimes offences – obtaining benefit by deception, forgery of documents, dishonest conversion, SFO and NCA investigations.
  • Property damage offences – graffiti, fire and explosion.
  • Prohibited weapons offences – misuse, unlawfully obtaining or possessing a prohibited weapon or explosive.
  • Sexual assault – aggravated sexual assault, rape and child pornography.
  • Robbery, blackmail & extortion
  • Homicide – murder, attempted murder and manslaughter.

Legal Aid for Criminal Matters

We currently have a legal aid contract with the Legal Aid Agency, which means that if you are on a low income, then public funding may be available to pay for us to represent you in certain criminal proceedings. As a starting point in criminal proceedings, we will ensure that we seek to apply for funding on your behalf. If you are granted Legal Aid it would cover the cost of representing you and you will not have to pay us.

Other Cases

In cases where you will not qualify for legal aid, we are always happy to negotiate a fixed fee for our services and this usually anticipates the amount of chargeable time spent on your matter.

An initial consultation to discuss your matter is usually charged at £80 plus Vat which normally is a 30 minute session, but can go up to an hour.

Our chargeable rates, depending on the complexity of the case, ranges from £150/hr to £250hr depending on the fee grade and experience of the solicitor that takes is instructed on your case. Whoever is handling your matter, you can always be sure that quality would never be compromised.

Once the details of the matter are better known we can assess if any additional factors, such as urgency, the complexity and importance of the matter, and the skill required for its conduct, are likely to affect these fees.


Our team has decades of collective experience in delivering high quality work in all criminal law related matters.

We have 3 members of the team who may work on your matter. Regardless of who works on your matter, they will be supervised by Dotun Ogunfolu, the Firm’s Principal.

Fixed fees

We offer a fixed fee service for some motoring offences:

Offence Fixed fee (not including VAT& Disbursements)
Drink driving offence: guilty plea £450
Speeding offence: guilty plea £450
Driving without a valid licence or insurance: guilty plea £450
Driving while disqualified: guilty plea £450

This fee includes two hours of work in considering the evidence, taking your instructions and providing advice. It also includes attendance and representation at one magistrates’ court hearing.

The fee does not include dealing with any witnesses or offering advice or assistance with special reasons hearings or appeals.


We cannot provide a timescale for resolving this matter as this depends on the dates of court hearings and a number of other factors. We will be able to give you further advice when you contact us.

In criminal proceedings where an individual is found not guilty after a trial and where we have charged privately for representation at court, we are able to make an application to the Court for a Defence Cost Order, which would mean, if granted, the recovery of some of the costs of representation at legal aid rates.

If you are worried about likely penalties; and, are ready to receive some common sense legal advice?

Contact us to talk to an experienced criminal solicitor.

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