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Areas of Practice


We offer varying levels of service ranging from full responsibility for the entire administration and distribution of the estate on the basis of a fee estimate provided in advance OR to just obtaining the Grant of Probate for you for a fixed fee.

Charges and Expenses

Obtaining the Grant of Probate Only

Fixed fee for dealing just with the preparation and completion of the probate papers and applying for the Grant of Probate. This will depend on whether the estate is above or below the inheritance tax threshold.

Our fixed fee for completing the probate papers and applying for a Grant of Probate on an IHT205 Form (a shorter form of Inland Revenue Account) is £850 plus VAT plus the Court Fee payable referred to below.

Our fixed fee for completing the probate papers and applying for a Grant of Probate on an IHT400 (a long and detailed form of Inland Revenue Account with several schedules for the different types of assets) is required amounts to £1,250 plus VAT plus the Court Fee payable referred to below.

Both of the fixed fees quoted above are on the basis that the executors will provide us with all the information required to enable us to make the application on their behalf. If it is necessary to carry any other work (such as obtaining valuation of assets) we can quote separately for this.

Administering the Estate

No estate nor the administration of it is exactly the same and consequently what is required to be carried out and the work involved will vary in each estate and our fees will be based on the particular requirements of each estate.

Where there are trusts involved or considerable and different types of assets or beneficiaries which could include business assets or foreign assets this will affect the work required to be carried out and this will affect the costs payable.

For example, an estate which is not taxable with one or two assets and one beneficiary will involve a great deal less work than an estate which is taxable with numerous assets and several beneficiaries.

Once we have details of all aspects of the estate in question we will be able to provide the potential costs of this before any extra charges are incurred.

Our charges are calculated at the relevant hourly rate on the work and time properly expended on the matter.

You will be informed at the outset who will be looking after your matter and details of their relevant hourly rates will be set out in the initial letter we send you.

We may also charge a further element where appropriate to reflect the importance of the matter and the consequent responsibility upon the firm and the special complexities of the particular estate.

This can be on the basis of the value of the estate where the normal maximum percentages would be 1% of the gross estate less the main residence and 0.5% of the value of the main residence. This is often known as the “value element”.

We will make it absolutely clear at the outset of any estate administration on what basis the particular estate will be charged, taking into account the particular complexities of the estate.

Expenses likely to be payable on all estates

Probate court fees which are currently £155 plus £1.50 for each office copy requested of the Grant of Probate.

There may also be various valuation fees, land registry fees and sundry search fees covering the status of beneficiaries regarding bankruptcy, and also notices to creditors.


An appointment can be made at our offices in Eastbourne and we can also offer home visits in the local area if required.

We charge a fee of £80 plus VAT for an initial half hour discussion. If you decide not to proceed no further charges arise. If you instruct us to proceed this will be taken into account in the final charges referred to below.


Our fixed fees for straightforward Wills and Codicils are set out below.

Simple/Basic Will

- Single £250 plus VAT

- Joint £375 plus VAT


- Single £150 plus VAT

- Joint £200 plus VAT

If your situation is not straightforward and/or involves Trusts or life interests the additional cost will be clearly communicated to you before any fees are incurred.


A power of attorney is a legal document that allows someone to make decisions for you, or act on your behalf, if you are no longer able to do so (or don’t want to). A Lasting Power of Attorney remains valid even if you should become unable to make decisions yourself due to mental incapacity.

There are two types of Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA):- one to help deal with your financial affairs and one for your health and welfare. An LPA for financial decisions can cover things like buying and selling property, paying your mortgage or bills and investing money whilst the health and welfare LPA covers matters such as where you should live, medical decisions and the care and support you should receive.

If we have to correspond with an independent professional certificate provider (required where a solicitor is appointed as one of the attorneys) there will be an additional charge for this.

Please note that, subject to this our fees cover all the work of preparing, completing and registering the Lasting Powers of Attorney(s) with the office of the Public Guardian.

To prepare and register either the Property & Financial Affairs LPA or Health & Welfare LPA for one person is £425 plus VAT

For both types of LPA will be £525 plus VAT

The cost of preparing (four) Mirror LPAs one of each for spouses or civil partners is £800 plus VAT

Each LPA is subject to a Court Fee on registration of £82.

We can also assist with the registration of previously made but unregistered Enduring Powers of Attorneys or LPAs.


On average the administration of a straightforward estate can be dealt with in four to six months. For more complex estates it is not possible to provide a time estimate.